GGSIPU (MS214) Advertising and Brand Management


  UNIT 1 Concept of IMC [Book Link]  
1 Nature & Scope of Advertising Management VIEW
2 Setting Advertisement Objectives VIEW
3 DAGMAR and other Models VIEW
4 Advertisement Planning and Strategy Making VIEW
5 Creative Strategy Development & Implementation VIEW
6 Advertising Budget VIEW
  UNIT 2 Media Planning [Book Link]  
1 Setting Media Objectives VIEW
2 Developing Media Strategies VIEW
3 Evolution and Different Media and Media Selection VIEW
4 Media Buying VIEW
5 Measuring Advertising Effectiveness – Pretesting and Post Testing VIEW
6 Social, Ethical and Legal aspect of advertising VIEW
  UNIT 3 Brand Concept [Book Link]  
1 Naming and Importance of Brands VIEW
2 Strategic Brand Management Process VIEW
3 Brand Identity Perspectives and Brand identity Prism, Identity Levels VIEW
4 Concept and Measure of Brand Equity VIEW
5 Brand Assets and Liabilities VIEW
6 Aaker Model Of Brand Equity VIEW
7 Customer based Brand Equity VIEW
8 Brand Loyalty, Measures of Brand Loyalty VIEW
9 Brand Personality – Definition, Measures and Formulation VIEW
10 Brand Image dimensions VIEW
11 Stages of Concept Management for functional, symbolic and experimental Brands VIEW
  UNIT 4 Brand Positioning [Book Link]  
1 Brand Positioning, 3 C’s of Positioning VIEW
2 Brand Positioning and differentiation strategies VIEW
3 Brand Repositioning VIEW
4 Celebrity endorsement VIEW
5 Brand Extension: Branding Strategies, Line Extension, Multiple Brands VIEW
6 Umbrella Branding, Brand Reinforcement, Brand revitalization of Advertisement VIEW
7 Managing Global Brands VIEW
8 Branding in Different Sectors VIEW


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