GGSIPU (MS208) Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Values and Ethics


  UNIT 1 Moral Values and Ethics [Book Link]  
1 Values – Concepts, Types and Formation of Values VIEW
2 Values of the Indian Managers VIEW
3 Business Ethics VIEW
4 School of Ethics VIEW
5 Ethical Decision Making VIEW
6 Business Ethics Values and ethics as Drivers of CSR VIEW
7 A Historical Perspective and emerging theories of CSR VIEW
8 CSR and Regulatory Issue VIEW
  UNIT 2 Ethical Dilemma [Book Link]  
1 Implications of failed Corporate Responsibilities VIEW
2 Worker rights and Health, Technology and Privacy in the Workplace, Human rights VIEW
3 Stockholders Right and Corporate Governance VIEW
4 Unethical Issues in Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Supply Chain VIEW
5 Intellectual Property Rights, Corruption in Business and Administration VIEW
6 Building a value based Corporate Culture, Big Data: Ethical and Regulatory Framework VIEW
  UNIT 3 Corporate Social Responsibility [Book Link]  
1 Current CSR Practices of the Firms in India and Abroad VIEW
2 International Frameworks of CSR and Sustainability, Global Compact, OECD, Caux Round Table VIEW
3 Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, GRI, SA800 Standards VIEW
4 BS OR ISO Guideline on CSR Management (ISO-26000) VIEW
5 Social Audit of Government Programs VIEW
6 Indian Guidelines BRR (SEBI), NVG Guidelines (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) VIEW
  UNIT 4 Sustainable Development [Book Link]  
1 Challenges of Sustainable Development VIEW
2 Environmental challenges as business opportunity VIEW
3 Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanism VIEW
4 Managing environmental Quality VIEW
5 Green IT initiative VIEW
6 Emerging Trends in CSR VIEW


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