GGSIPU (MS114) E-Business


  UNIT 1 Introduction to e-Business [Book Link]  
1 Electronic Business, E-Commerce And Types VIEW
2 Benefits, Limitations And Barriers Of E-Commerce VIEW
3 Value Chain In E-Commerce, E-Commerce In India VIEW
4 Intranet, Composition Of Intranet, Business Application On Intranet VIEW
5 Extranets VIEW
6 Electronic Data Interchange And It’s Components And Communication Process VIEW
  UNIT 2 Security Issues in e-Business [Book Link]   
1 Security overview and e-commerce threats VIEW
2 Encryption VIEW
3 Cryptography, Public key and Private key Cryptography VIEW
4 Digital signature, Digital certificates VIEW
5 Securing E-commerce Network and Security protocol in Internet VIEW
  UNIT 3 Electronic Payment System [Book Link]  
1 Concept of e-Money, Electronic Payment System and It’s Type. VIEW
2 Credit & Debit Cards, Charge Cards, Smart Cards, RuPay Cards, E-Wallets VIEW
3 Infrastructure Issues in EPS, Electronic Fund Transfer VIEW
  UNIT 4 E – Business [Book Link]  
1 Application & Strategies Business Model & Revenue Model Over Internet VIEW
2 Emerging Trends in e-Business, Digital Commerce VIEW
3 Mobile Commerce and it’s model, Emerging Trends in Mobile Apps VIEW
4 Strategies for E-Commerce, Internet based Business Models  VIEW
5 Legal and Ethical Issues of E-Commerce VIEW

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