GGSIPU (MS222) Mergers Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring


  UNIT 1 Introductions to Mergers [Book Link]  
1 Types of Mergers VIEW
2 Mergers Strategy Growth VIEW
3 Operating Synergy & Financial Synergy VIEW
4 Diversification and Other Economic Motives VIEW
5 Hubris Hypothesis of Takeovers VIEW
6 Tax motives Financial Evaluation, Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance VIEW
  UNIT 2 Legal Aspects of Mergers / Amalgamation of Acquisition [Book Link]  
1 Provisions of Companies Act VIEW
2 Regulations by SEBI, Scheme of Amalgamation, Approval from Court VIEW
3 Takeover Code VIEW
5 Valuation of a Business VIEW
  UNIT 3 Methods of Valuation [Book Link]  
1 Cash flow Basis, Earning Potential Basis, Growth Rate, Market price etc. VIEW
2 Computation of impact on EPS and Market Price VIEW
3 Determination of Exchange Ratio VIEW
4 Impact of variation in Growth of the firms VIEW
5 MBO, LBO, Boot Strapping VIEW
6 Criteria for Negotiating Friendly Takeover VIEW
7 Financing of Merger VIEW
  UNIT 4 Defense Against Hostile Takeover [Book Link]  
1 Poisson Pill VIEW
2 Bear Hug VIEW
3 Greenmail, Pacman VIEW
4 Post Merger HR and Cultural Issue VIEW
5 Recent Cases of Mergers and Acquisition VIEW

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