GGSIPU (MS110) Operations Management


  UNIT 1 Introduction to Operations Management [Book Link]  
1 Nature And Scope of Production And Operation Management VIEW
2 Historical Evolution Of  Operations Management VIEW
3 Systems Perspectives of Operations Management VIEW
4 Relationship of Operations Management With Other Functional Areas VIEW
5 Operations Strategy VIEW
6 Recent Trends in Operations Management VIEW
  UNIT 2 Production Development [Book Link]  
1 Product Development Process VIEW
2 Concurrent Engineering VIEW
3 Tools And Approaches In Product Development Viz VIEW
4 Process selection and facilities layout VIEW
5 Line Balancing VIEW
6 Facilities Location VIEW
7 Work Measurement and Job Design  VIEW
  UNIT 3 Demand Forecasting [Book Link]  
1 Demand Forecasting; Capacity Planning; Resources Planning VIEW
2 Aggregate Production Planning, Materials Requirement Planning, Scheduling VIEW
3 Theory of Constraints and Synchronous Manufacturing VIEW
4 Lean Management and Just in Time Production VIEW
5 Supply Chain Management, Inventory Planning and Control VIEW
  UNIT 4 Quality Management [Book Link]  
1 Quality Management, Dimension and Cost of Quality VIEW
2 ISO (9000& 14000 Series) VIEW
3 Statistical Quality Control, Variable & Attribute VIEW

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