GGSIPU (MS230) Organizational Development


  UNIT 1 Introduction [Book Link]  
1 Nature and characteristics of Organizational Development VIEW
2 Organizational Development as a Profession and evolving field of Practice VIEW
3 Managing the Organization Development Process VIEW
4 Organizational Change Theories and Models VIEW
5 Action Research VIEW
6 Organizational Change Process VIEW
7 Values, Ethics and assumptions of OD VIEW
8 Role and Competencies of the OD Practitioner VIEW
  UNIT 2 The Diagnostic Process and Introduction to OD Intervention [Book Link]  
1 Diagnosis: At the Organization, Group and Individual Level VIEW
2 Data Collection Process VIEW
3 Diagnostic Methods, Challenges in Diagnosis VIEW
4 Diagnostic Information Feedback, Survey Feedback VIEW
5 Designing Interventions, Characteristics and Process VIEW
  UNIT 3 Organizational Development Interventions [Book Link]  
1 Sensitivity Training, Process Consultation, Third Party Intervention VIEW
2 Team Building, Organization Confrontation Meeting VIEW
3 Intergroup relations Interventions, Large group Interventions VIEW
4 Grid OD VIEW
5 System 4 Management, Role Playing VIEW
6 Employee Empowerment VIEW
7 Performance Management Systems VIEW
8 Employee Wellness Interventions VIEW
9 Career Planning, MBO VIEW
  UNIT 4 Techno Structural and Strategic Interventions [Book Link]  
1 Restructuring Organization, Socio-technical Systems VIEW
2 Job Enrichment VIEW
3 TQM and Quality Circle, Culture Change VIEW
4 Self Designing Organizations, Learning Organization VIEW
5 OD Practitioner as Agents of Social Change VIEW
6 Future of OD in VUCA World VIEW

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