GGSIPU (MS206) Strategic Management


UNIT 1 Nature of Strategic Management [Book Link]
1 Concept Of Strategy VIEW
2 Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives VIEW
3 External Environment Analysis VIEW
4 Analyzing Companies Resource in Competitive Position VIEW
5 Mintzberg’s 5P’s of Strategy VIEW
6 Strategic Management Process, Corporate Governance VIEW
UNIT 2 Strategy Formulation [Book Link]
1 External Environment Analysis VIEW
2 Analyzing companies resource in Competitive Position VIEW
3 Concept of stretch, Leverage and Fit VIEW
4 Strategic Analysis and Choice VIEW
5 Porter’s five forces Model VIEW
6 Concept of Value Chain VIEW
7 Grand Strategies VIEW
8 Porter’s Generic Strategies VIEW
9 Strategies for Competing in Global Markets VIEW
UNIT 3 Corporate Level Strategy [Book Link]
1 Diversification Strategies VIEW
2 Creating Corporate Value and the Issue of Relatedness VIEW
3 Vertical Integration VIEW
4 Coordinating the Value Chain VIEW
5 The growth of the Firm: Internal Development VIEW
6 Merger & Acquisition  and Strategic Alliances Restructuring Strategies VIEW
UNIT 4 Strategy Implementation and Evaluation [Book Link]
1 Structural Considerations and Organizational Design VIEW
2 Leadership and Corporate Culture VIEW
3 Strategy Evaluation VIEW
4 Importance and Nature of Strategic Evaluation VIEW
5 Strategic and Operational Control VIEW
6 Need for Balanced Scorecard VIEW

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