GGSIPU (MS108) Business Research Methods


  UNIT 1 Introduction [Book Link]  
1 Business Research, Types Of Research and Process of Research VIEW
2 Formulation of the Research problem VIEW
3 Development of the Research Hypothesis and Types of Hypothesis VIEW
  UNIT 2 Research Design [Book Link]  
1 Research Design, and it’s Function VIEW
2 Exploratory, Descriptive, Experimental research design, Pre-experimental design VIEW
3 Quasi-experimental, True experimental Design VIEW
4 Validity of research instrument- face , content and construct validity VIEW
5 Reliability of research instruments-internal consistency procedures VIEW
6 Methods of data collection-Primary and secondary sources VIEW
7 Attitudinal scales: Likert, Questionnaire designing VIEW
  UNIT 3 Sampling And Data Analysis [Book Link]  
1 Sampling Design VIEW
2 Types of Sampling Design VIEW
3 Mixed Sampling Design VIEW
4 Sampling Frame VIEW
5 Sample Size Determination VIEW
6 Data Processing – Editing, Coding, Tabulating VIEW
7 Data Analysis: Univariate, Bivariate, Multivariate VIEW
8 Hypothesis Testing Concept VIEW
9 Types Of Error VIEW
10 Steps in Hypothesis Testing VIEW
  UNIT 4 Analytical Technique [Book Link]  
1 Parametric vs. Nonparametric test VIEW
3 correlation and regression analysis VIEW
4 Chi – Square Test VIEW
5 Parametric test for Normality VIEW
6 Basic concept of factor analysis VIEW
7 Discriminant Analysis VIEW
8 Conjoint Analysis VIEW

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