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  UNIT 1 Nature and Scope of Financial Management  
1 Financial Objectives; Impact of Financial and Economical Environment on Financial Management VIEW
2 Time Value of Money including Pension Funds VIEW
3 Funds Flow Analysis, Cash Flow Statement and its Interpretation VIEW
4 Financial statement Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Common Size Statement, Du Point Analysis VIEW
  UNIT 2 Planning for Sources of Finance  
1 Capital Structure and it’s Approach VIEW
2 Cost of Capital, EBIT , EPS Analysis, Capital Gearing or Debt Equity Ratio VIEW
  UNIT 3 Capital Budgeting  
1 Conventional and DCF Method, Inflation and Capital Budgeting VIEW
2 Risk Analysis and Capital Budgeting- Certainty Equivalent Factor VIEW
3 Replacement Decision, Sensitivity Analysis, Introduction to Financial Analytics VIEW
  UNIT 4 Retained Earnings VS Dividend Decision  
1 Gordon Model, Walter Model, MM Approach, Lintner Model VIEW
2 Planning of Funds through Management of Assets – Fixed and Current VIEW
3 Sustainable Growth Rate, Working Capital (Management, approaches and estimation) VIEW
4 Management of Cash (Various Theoretical Model), Inventories, Receivables, Marketable Securities and Account Payables VIEW
  Some Important Questions And Answer Of Financial Management VIEW



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