GGSIPU (MS112) Human Resource Management


  UNIT 1 Introduction To HRM [Book Link]  
1 Concept of HRM, Nature, Scope, Functions, Models of HRM VIEW
2 Roles and Responsibilities of HR Managers VIEW
3 Business and Organizational Restructuring And Its Implications in HRM VIEW
4 The HRM and Approaches to HRM VIEW
5 Competitive Challenge And HRM VIEW
6 Workforce Diversity VIEW
7 Managing Protean Careers, Moonlighting Phenomenon VIEW
8 Psychological Contract, Development Leadership, Employee Engagement VIEW
  UNIT 2 Strategy and Workforce Planning [Book Link]  
1 Strategic Planning and HR Planning, Linking The Process VIEW
2 Methods and Technique of Forecasting the demand and Supply of Manpower VIEW
3 Turnover and Absenteeism VIEW
4 Job Analysis VIEW
5 Job Design and Re-design: Job Enlargement , Job Enrichment VIEW
6 Corporate Strategy and HRM VIEW
7 HRM and Cultural Management VIEW
8 Managing HR after Merger and Acquisition VIEW
  UNIT 3 Expanding The Talent Pool [Book Link]  
1 Recruitment, Selection, VIEW
2 Career Development Initiative VIEW
3 HRM Competencies VIEW
4 Role of HR Generalists and HR Specialists VIEW
5 Training & Development VIEW
6 Balance Scorecard(BSC), Idea Underlying BSC VIEW
7 Research By KALPAN and NORTON Introducing BSC Step By Step VIEW
  UNIT 4 Contemporary Issue in HR [Book Link]  
1 Strategic Human Resource Management VIEW
2 International Human Resource Management VIEW
3 Wellness Programs for Work Life Balance and Green HRM VIEW
4 Different Working Patterns VIEW
5 Human Resource Information System and e-HRM for the Digital Age VIEW
6 Competency Mapping VIEW
7 Empowering Managers through Political Skills, Mentorship VIEW
8 Introduction to Human Resource Analytics VIEW

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