GGSIPU (MS106) Marketing Management


UNIT 1 Introduction to Marketing [Book Link]
1 Meaning and Scope of Marketing VIEW
2 Marketing Philosophies VIEW
3 Concept of Customer Value VIEW
4 Marketing management process – An Overview VIEW
5 Concept of Marketing Mix VIEW
6 Understanding marketing Environment VIEW
7 Consumer and organization buying behaviour VIEW
8 Demand Forecasting VIEW
9 Market segmentation, Targeting and Positioning VIEW
10 Overview of competitive strategies VIEW
UNIT 2 Product and Pricing Decisions [Book Link]
1 Product Concept VIEW
2 Product Classifications VIEW
3 Product Levels VIEW
4 Product Differentiation VIEW
5 Product Mix VIEW
6 Product Line Decisions VIEW
7 Product Life cycle Concept & Strategies VIEW
8 Packaging VIEW
9 Branding and Branding strategies VIEW
10 New Product Development Strategies VIEW
11 Pricing objectives and Determinants VIEW
12 Pricing Methods VIEW
13 Pricing Strategies VIEW
UNIT 3 Promotion and Distribution Decision [Book Link]
1 Promotion Mix-advertising, Personal selling and Publicity VIEW
2 Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion VIEW
3 Integrated Marketing Communication VIEW
4 Channels of Distribution VIEW
5 Functions of Intermediaries VIEW
6 Channel Design Decisions, Selecting channel members VIEW
7 Channel Management and Emerging Channels Of Distribution VIEW
UNIT 4 Contemporary Marketing Trends and Issues [Book Link]
1 Contemporary Marketing Trends and Issue VIEW
2 Rural Marketing VIEW
3 Social Marketing VIEW
4 Green Marketing VIEW
5 Digital Marketing VIEW
6 Ethical Issue in Marketing VIEW
7 Introduction to Marketing Analytics VIEW

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