GGSIPU (MS226) Behavioral Finance



  UNIT 1 Foundation of Behavioral Finance [Book Link]  
1 Rationality to Psychology VIEW
2 Agency Theory VIEW
3 Prospect Theory VIEW
4 Trades Brain VIEW
5 Overreaction and Optimism VIEW
  UNIT 2 Challenges to Marketing Efficiency [Book Link]  
1 Momentum Vs Reversal VIEW
2 Noise trader Risk in financial market, Attitude to Risk VIEW
3 Expected Utility VIEW
4 Mental Accounting VIEW
  UNIT 3 Heuristic and Biases [Book Link]  
1 Overconfidence, Emotion and Reasoning VIEW
2 Excessive Risk Taking VIEW
3 Behavioural explanation for anomalies VIEW
4 Excessive Volatility VIEW
5 Loss Aversion, Gambler’s fallacy VIEW
  UNIT 4 Investor Behaviour [Book Link]  
1 Conformity VIEW
2 Contrarian Investing VIEW
3 Group Psychology on Board VIEW
4 Personality and Biases VIEW


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