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Unit 1 Nature of Accounting Information
1 Scope and Nature of Accounting VIEW
2 Accounting Concepts VIEW
3 Principles and Standards VIEW
4 Accounting Cycles VIEW
5 Journalisation VIEW
6 Subsidiary Books VIEW
7 Ledger Posting VIEW
8 Preparation of Trial Balance VIEW
9 Rectification Errors VIEW
10 Classification of Capital And Revenue Expenditure VIEW
11 Fixed Assets and Depreciation Accounting VIEW
12 Preparations of Final Accounts VIEW
13 Manufacturing Account VIEW
14 Trading Account VIEW
15 Profit and Loss Account VIEW
16 Balance Sheet VIEW
Unit 2 Cost Accounting
1 Objectives of Cost Accounting VIEW
2 Classification of Cost VIEW
3 Preparation of Cost Sheet VIEW
4 Material Cost Accounting VIEW
5 Perpetual Inventory Control VIEW
6 Inventory Valuation VIEW
8 ABC Analysis VIEW
9 Setting of Reorder Level, Maximum Level, Minimum Level VIEW
10 Overhead Cost Allocations VIEW
11 Over and Under Absorption VIEW
12 Job and Contract Costing VIEW
13 Operating Costing VIEW
14 Reconciliation of Financial and Cost Accounting VIEW
Unit 3 Performance Evaluation Techniques
1 Budgeting and Budgetary Control VIEW
2 Performance Budgeting VIEW
3 Classification of Budget VIEW
4 Fixed and Flexible Budgets VIEW
5 Zero Based Budgeting VIEW
6 Standard Costing and Variance Analysis VIEW
7 Balanced Scorecard VIEW
8 Responsibility Accounting VIEW
Unit 4 Decision Making Techniques
1 Marginal Costing VIEW
2 Application of Marginal Costing in Decision Making VIEW
3 Cost Volume Profit Analysis VIEW
4 Profit Planning VIEW
5 Management Accounting for Decision Making and Control VIEW
7 Introduction to Activity Based Costing VIEW
8 Target Costing VIEW
9 Life Cycle Costing VIEW
10 Uniform Costing VIEW


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