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  UNIT 1 Introduction to International Business  
1 Nature and Scope of International Business VIEW
2 EPRG Approach VIEW
3 The Environment of International Business VIEW
4 Reasons For Going International VIEW
5 Analyzing International Entry Modes, Entry Barriers VIEW
6 Porters Diamond Model VIEW
7 Deming Eclectic OLI Model and Other Models VIEW
  UNIT 2 Formulating & Implementing Global Strategy  
1 International Competitive Advantage VIEW
2 International Strategic Alliances VIEW
3 Global Mergers and Acquisition VIEW
4 Organization Design & Structures VIEW
  UNIT 3 Managing Globally  
1 Cross Culture Management VIEW
2 Hofstede Study VIEW
3 Edward T Hall Study VIEW
4 Cultural Sensitization Using Sensitivity Analysis VIEW
5 Global Marketing Management VIEW
6 Global Operations Management VIEW
7 Global Supply Chain Management VIEW
8 Global Human Resource Management VIEW
9 Aspects of Global Financial Management VIEW
  UNIT 4 Broad Issues in Globalization  
1 Ethical issues in Context of International Business VIEW
2 The Social Responsibility of the Global Firm VIEW
3 International Negotiations and Cross-Culture Communication VIEW
4 Globalization and the Internet VIEW
5 Distinction Between TNC and MNC VIEW
6 Future of International Business and other emerging Concepts VIEW



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