KODAC and BRISCH Systems

BRITISH/BRISCH Codification System

The British system named after a prominent consulting engineer in the UK consists of seven digits and is applied in three phases. The items are grouped into suitable preliminary categories, such as assemblies, sub assemblies, components, off the shelf items.

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After these preliminary categories, items are grouped with in the respective groups in order to bring similar items together. The Brisch system, though it consists only of seven digits, is quite comprehensive as the basis is on logical major groupings.

KODAK Codification

The Kodak system has been developed by East Man Kodak Company of New York which consists of 10 digits of numerical code. The logic of major grouping is based on sources of supply. All materials are divided into 100 basic classifications, contributed only by procurement considerations.

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For instance, a bolt is listed as hard ware item if this is listed in hard ware catalogues and available with hard ware suppliers. If this bolt, however, is available only as part of the machine, it will be available under maintenance. Each class is divided into 10 sub-classes. For example, if class 20 represents cutting tools then 200 represents drills, reamers, counter bars etc.

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