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Marketing Management
1 Marketing Management, Part-1 VIEW
Marketing Management, Part-2 VIEW
2 Types of Market VIEW
3 Core Concepts of Marketing VIEW
4 Functions of Marketing VIEW
5 Marketing Orientations VIEW
Marketing Environment
6 Introduction VIEW
7 Environmental Scanning VIEW
8 Techniques of Environment Scanning VIEW
9 Analyzing the Organization’s Micro Environment VIEW
10 Company’s Macro Environment VIEW
11 Differences Between Micro and Macro Environment VIEW
12 Marketing Planning and Implementation VIEW
UNIT 2 Consumer Buying Behavior
1 Consumer Buying Behavior- Introduction, Characteristics VIEW
2 Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour VIEW
3 Types of Buying Decision Behaviour VIEW
4 Consumer Buying Decision Process VIEW
5 Buying Motive VIEW
6 Buyer Behaviour Model VIEW
UNIT 3 Business Buying Behaviour
1 Business Buyer Behaviour- Introduction VIEW
2 Characteristics of Business Markets VIEW
3 Differences between Consumer and Business Buyer Behaviour VIEW
4 Buying Situations in Industrial or Business Market VIEW
5 Buying Roles in Industrial Marketing VIEW
6 Factors that Influence Business Buyer VIEW
7 Steps in Business Buying Process VIEW
UNIT 4 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
1 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning- Introduction VIEW
2 Concept of Market Segmentation VIEW
3 Benefits of Market Segmentation VIEW
4 Requisites of Effective Market Segmentation VIEW
5 The Process of Market Segmentation VIEW
6 Bases for Segmenting Consumer Markets VIEW
7 Targeting- Meaning, Target Market Strategies VIEW
8 Market Positioning- Meaning, Positioning Strategies VIEW
9 Value Proposition VIEW
10 Differentiation- Meaning, Strategies VIEW
UNIT 5 Understanding the Marketing-Information Systems (MKIS)
1 Introduction, Characteristics of MKIS, Benefits VIEW
2 Types, Components of MKIS VIEW
3 Marketing Research VIEW

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