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GGSIPU (MS234) Behavior Testing and Counseling


 UNIT 1 Introduction to Behavior Testing 
1Behavior TestingVIEW
 Introduction to the Concept of 
2Sigmund FreudVIEW
3Alfred AdlerVIEW
4Raymond CattellVIEW
5Carl JungVIEW
 Types of Tests: 
6Ability TestVIEW
7Intelligence TestVIEW
8Achievement TestVIEW
9Interest TestVIEW
10Attitude TestVIEW
11Personality TestVIEW
12Projective TestsVIEW
13Observation and InterviewsVIEW
14Checklists and Rating ScalesVIEW
15Ethical issues in TestingVIEW
 UNIT 2 Methodology of Assessment 
1Test Design and ConstructionVIEW
2Test Administration and ScoringVIEW
3Item Analysis and Test StandardizationVIEW
4Reliability and ValidityVIEW
 UNIT 3 Practical Exposure to Psychological Tests 
116 PF/ Jungian TechnologyVIEW
2Interpersonal Relationship Anxiety TestVIEW
3Motivation Analysis TestVIEW
4Thematic Apperception TestVIEW
5Word Association TestVIEW
 UNIT 4 Counseling 
1Introduction, ApproachesVIEW
2Goals, Process, ProceduresVIEW
3Counseling SkillsVIEW
4Changing Behavior Through CounselingVIEW
5Organizational Application of CounselingVIEW
6Dealing with Problem EmployeesVIEW
7Ethics in CounselingVIEW

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