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  UNIT 1 Introduction to Behavior Testing  
1 Behavior Testing VIEW
  Introduction to the Concept of  
2 Sigmund Freud VIEW
3 Alfred Adler VIEW
4 Raymond Cattell VIEW
5 Carl Jung VIEW
  Types of Tests:  
6 Ability Test VIEW
7 Intelligence Test VIEW
8 Achievement Test VIEW
9 Interest Test VIEW
10 Attitude Test VIEW
11 Personality Test VIEW
12 Projective Tests VIEW
13 Observation and Interviews VIEW
14 Checklists and Rating Scales VIEW
15 Ethical issues in Testing VIEW
  UNIT 2 Methodology of Assessment  
1 Test Design and Construction VIEW
2 Test Administration and Scoring VIEW
3 Item Analysis and Test Standardization VIEW
4 Reliability and Validity VIEW
  UNIT 3 Practical Exposure to Psychological Tests  
1 16 PF/ Jungian Technology VIEW
2 Interpersonal Relationship Anxiety Test VIEW
3 Motivation Analysis Test VIEW
4 Thematic Apperception Test VIEW
5 Word Association Test VIEW
  UNIT 4 Counseling  
1 Introduction, Approaches VIEW
2 Goals, Process, Procedures VIEW
3 Counseling Skills VIEW
4 Changing Behavior Through Counseling VIEW
5 Organizational Application of Counseling VIEW
6 Dealing with Problem Employees VIEW
7 Ethics in Counseling VIEW

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