GGSIPU (MS224) Financial Derivatives


  UNIT 1 Financial Derivatives [Book Link]  
1 Introduction, Past and Present VIEW
2 Concept, Purpose VIEW
3 Types of Financial Derivative Instruments-Forwards VIEW
4 Types of Financial Derivative Instruments-Futures VIEW
5 Types of Financial Derivative Instruments-Options VIEW
6 Types of Financial Derivative Instruments-Swaps VIEW
7 Weather Derivatives VIEW
8 Energy Derivatives VIEW
9 Insurance Derivatives VIEW
10 Hedgers, Arbitrageurs and Speculators VIEW
11 Difference between Exchange Traded and OTC Derivatives VIEW
  UNIT 2 Financial Forward and Future Contracts [Book Link]  
1 Financial Forward Contracts VIEW
2 Concepts and Characteristics Financial Forward Contracts VIEW
3 Types of Financial Forward Contracts VIEW
4 Equity Forward, Currency Forward VIEW
5 Bond and Interest Rate Forward VIEW
6 Forward Rate Agreements VIEW
  Financial Future Contracts:  
7 Concepts and Characteristics, Types of Financial Future Contracts- Stock Future, Index Future, Currency Future, Interest Rate Future and Commodity Future VIEW
8 Future Market-Trading and Mechanism VIEW
9 Future Pricing-Theories, Cost of Carry Model VIEW
10 Valuation of Individual Contracts VIEW
  UNIT 3 Financial Option and Swap Contracts [Book Link]  
1 Financial Options: Concept, Characteristics VIEW
2 Stock Option, Index Option, Currency Options, Commodity Options VIEW
3 Option on Futures, Interest Rate Options VIEW
  Option Pricing Models:  
4 The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model VIEW
5 Binomial Option Pricing Model, Trading with Option VIEW
  Option Strategies:  
6 Straddle, Strangle, Spreads VIEW
7 Option Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho VIEW
8 Exotic Option VIEW
9 Types- Bermuda Option, Forward Start Option, Barrier Option VIEW
10 Chooser Option, Compound Option, Basket Option VIEW
11 Binary Option, Look Back Option, Asian Option VIEW
12 Swaps: Concept Characteristics and Types VIEW
  UNIT 4 Regulatory Framework for Derivatives [Book Link]  
1 Regulation of Financial Derivatives in India VIEW
2 Securities and Contracts (Regulation) Act 2013 VIEW
3 Guidelines of SEBI and RBI VIEW

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