GGSIPU (MS216) Internet Marketing


  UNIT 1 Introduction to Internet Marketing [Book Link]  
1 Meaning, Scope and Importance of Internet Marketing VIEW
2 Applications of Internet Marketing VIEW
3 Internet Marketing VS Traditional Marketing Communication VIEW
4 The internet microenvironment VIEW
5 B2C and B2B Internet Marketing VIEW
6 E-Marketing Research VIEW
7 Internet Marketing Strategy VIEW
  UNIT 2 Online Buyer Behavior and Models [Book Link]  
1 The Marketing Mix in an Online Content VIEW
2 Managing the online Customer Experience VIEW
3 Planning website design VIEW
4 Understanding site user requirement VIEW
5 Site Design and Structure VIEW
6 Developing and Testing Content VIEW
7 e-Service Quality VIEW
  UNIT 3 Characteristics of Interactive Marketing Communications [Book Link]  
1 Integrated internet Marketing Communications (IIMC) VIEW
2 Objective and Measurement of interactive Marketing Communication VIEW
3 Online Promotion Technique VIEW
4 Search Engine Marketing & SEO VIEW
5 Online PR, Interactive Advertising VIEW
6 Online Partnerships, Viral Marketing VIEW
7 Opt-in-e-mail, Offline Communications VIEW
  UNIT 4 Social Media Marketing [Book Link]  
1 Meaning, Scope and Importance VIEW
2 SMM Plan: Goals and Strategies VIEW
3 Rule of Engagement & Ethical Issues VIEW
4 Publishing Blogs and Webinars, Sharing Videos/Images, Social Networks VIEW
5 Microblogging, Mobile Computing VIEW
6 Location Marketing VIEW
7 Social Media Monitoring VIEW
8 Social Media Marketing Plan VIEW


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