GGSIPU (MS220) Strategic Financial Management


  UNIT 1 Financial Policy and Strategic Management [Book Link]  
1 Financial Policy as a Part of Strategic Management VIEW
2 Components of Financial Strategy VIEW
3 Objectives and Goals of financial strategy VIEW
4 Strategic Financial Process VIEW
5 Balancing financial goals vis-à-vis sustainable growth VIEW
  Portfolio Tools:  
6 Mean–Variance Analysis VIEW
7 Capital Asset Pricing Model VIEW
8 Factor Models VIEW
9 Arbitrage Pricing Theory VIEW
  UNIT 2 Capital Budgeting Decision [Book Link]  
1 Introduction VIEW
2 Impact of Taxation, Depreciation, inflation, and working Capital on Capital Budgeting Decision VIEW
3 Approaches to Capital Budgeting VIEW
4 Social Cost Benefit Analysis VIEW
5 Leasing Decision VIEW
6 Dividend Decision: Dividend Theories VIEW
7 Dividend Decision: Dividend Policies VIEW
8 Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Institutional Investment VIEW
  UNIT 3 Financial Analysis Planning [Book Link]  
1 Financial Models VIEW
2 Forecasting Financial Statements VIEW
3 Cross Sectional of Financial Statement information, Control, Governance, Financial Architecture VIEW
4 Corporate Valuation VIEW
5 Value Based Management VIEW
  UNIT 4 Expansion and Financial Restructuring [Book Link]  
1 Mergers and Amalgamations VIEW
2 Corporate Restructuring VIEW
3 Buy-Backs of Shares VIEW
4 LBO, Sell-Off VIEW
5 Demerger and Reverse Merger, Reason for Merger VIEW
6 Legal Procedure for Merger, Benefits and Cost of Merger VIEW
7 Determination of Swap Ratios VIEW
8 Evaluation of Merger Proposal VIEW
9 Corporate and Distress Restructuring VIEW

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