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GGSIPU (MS232) Team Building


 UNIT 1 Workgroup vs. Groups [Book] 
1Transforming Groups to TeamsVIEW
2Types of TeamVIEW
3States of Team Building and its Behavioral DynamicsVIEW
45P’s in Team (Purpose, Place, Power, Plan and Power)VIEW
5Team RoleVIEW
6Goal Setting and Problem SettingVIEW
 UNIT 2 Interpersonal Competence & Team Effectiveness [Book] 
1Interpersonal process and Conflict ResolutionVIEW
2Team Effectiveness, How to Motivate Team Members?VIEW
3Measuring Interpersonal Competence and FIRO-BVIEW
4Team SizeVIEW
5Team Members RolesVIEW
6Team DiversityVIEW
7Team Norms, Team CohesivenessVIEW
8Measuring Team EffectivenessVIEW
9Cross Cultural Team BuildingVIEW
 UNIT 3 Communication and Creativity [Book 
1Communicating in TeamsVIEW
2Fostering Team Creativity, Delphi Technique, Nominal Technique, Traditional Brain StormingVIEW
3Electronic Brain StormingVIEW
4Negative Brain StormingVIEW
5Communicating Team Values and EthicsVIEW
 UNIT 4 Role of Leaders in Teams [Book] 
1Supporting Teams, Rewarding Team Players, Role AllocationVIEW
2Resource Management for Teams, Selection of Team PlayersVIEW
3Leaders as Facilitators, MentorsVIEW
 Developing Collaboration in Teams: 
4Functional and Dysfunctional Cooperation and CompetitionVIEW
5Interventions to Build Collaboration in OrganizationsVIEW
6Social LoafingVIEW
7Synergy in TeamsVIEW
8Self-Managed TeamsVIEW
9Recent Research in Team BuildingVIEW

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