GGSIPU (MS228) Strategic Human Resource Management


  UNIT 1 Introduction To SHRM [Book Link]  
1 SHRM: Definition, Need and Importance VIEW
2 Evolution of SHRM VIEW
3 SHRM for Competitive Advantage VIEW
4 HR Strategy and HR Planning VIEW
5 Behavior issues in Strategy Implementation VIEW
6 Matching Culture with Strategy VIEW
7 Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions VIEW
8 Process of Strategic Management VIEW
  UNIT 2 HR Strategies [Book Link]  
1 Recruitment and Retention VIEW
2 Training and Development VIEW
3 Performance Management VIEW
4 Reward and Compensation VIEW
5 Retrenchment, Online Recruitment VIEW
6 Employee Referrals VIEW
7 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Head Hunting VIEW
8 Executive Education, Flexi Timing VIEW
9 Quality of Work Life, Work life Balance VIEW
10 Employee empowerment, Employee Involvement VIEW
  Non-Traditional Approaches:  
11 Investment in Disabled Employees, Inclusive Workplace VIEW
12 Employee Engagement VIEW
13 Knowledge Management VIEW
14 Talent Management VIEW
15 The Role of Strategic HR Leader VIEW
16 Managing Workforce Diversity VIEW
  UNIT 3 Internationalization of HRM [Book Link]  
1 Socio Cultural Contexts VIEW
2 Institutional Contexts IHRM trends Complexity Challenges and Choices in Future VIEW
3 Cultural Foundation of IHRM-Understanding Culture VIEW
4 Major Models of National Culture VIEW
5 Cultural Convergence and Divergence VIEW
6 Cross Cultural Theories VIEW
7 Importance of Cultural Sensitivity VIEW
8 IHRM Trends and Future Challenges VIEW
  UNIT 4 Global Human Resource Management Process [Book Link]  
1 Global Human Resource Planning VIEW
2 International Staffing VIEW
3 Recruiting and Selecting Staff for international Assignments VIEW
4 Approaches to international Compensation and Benefits VIEW
5 Re-Entry and Career issues VIEW
6 Global Workforce Training and Development VIEW
7 Performance Management in International Organization VIEW
8 International Reward Systems VIEW
9 Integrating Two Cultures VIEW
10 Developing talent in transnational Enterprise VIEW
11 Expatriation and Repatriation VIEW
12 HRM in International Joint Venture VIEW
13 Organizational Ethics international Context VIEW

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