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  UNIT 1 Global Competitiveness  
1 Framework for Assessing Competitiveness – Various Approaches VIEW
2 International and National Competitiveness Studies VIEW
  UNIT 2 Developing Competitiveness  
1 Government Policy and Competitiveness VIEW
2 Role of quality and Productivity in achieving world class Competitiveness VIEW
3 Science, Technology and Innovation Policy VIEW
4 Human Capital and Competitiveness, Role of Information Systems in Building Competitiveness VIEW
5 Industrial Clusters and Business Development VIEW
6 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovations VIEW
  UNIT 3 Global Competitiveness of Indian Industry  
1 Status, Cause of Uncompetitiveness VIEW
2 Strategic options for Building Competitiveness VIEW
3 Selected Case Studies of Globally Competitive INDIAN Companies VIEW
  UNIT 4 Strategic Alliances  
1 Value Creation Through Alliances VIEW
2 Management of Strategic Alliances VIEW
3 Strategic Alliances in INDIAN Context VIEW
Q.1 What are the macroeconomic variables of global competitiveness? Are they called as 12 pillars of competitiveness? Justify your answer by giving a brief explanation of these pillars. ANSWER
Q.2 What are the various frameworks available for assessing competitiveness? Discuss these frameworks given by world economic forum and Michael Porter. ANSWER
Q.3 What policy framework has been laid down by government of India in making the country and its business enterprise competitive? Discuss few policy measures of GOI to develop competitiveness. ANSWER
Q.4 Discuss the current status of competitiveness of textile sector in India. What steps have undertaken at the country level and individual company level to make India’s textile sector competitive post MFA regime. ANSWER


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