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GGSIPU (MS246) Supply Chain Management For International Business


 UNIT 1 Supply Chain Management 
1Concepts, Issues in SCMVIEW
2SCM for Strategic AdvantageVIEW
3Demand Volatility in SCMVIEW
4Information Distortion in SCM, Bullwhip effectVIEW
5Managing networks and relationshipVIEW
6Sourcing InternationallyVIEW
 International Distribution Management: 
7Types of IntermediariesVIEW
8Channel objectives and ConstraintsVIEW
9Channel Selection and ManagementVIEW
10Global RetailingVIEW
 UNIT 2 Logistic Framework 
1Concepts, Objective and ScopeVIEW
2Customer Service-Order Receiving, Order ProcessingVIEW
3Use of IT in Customer Service and Customer Service IndexVIEW
4Transportation and ContainerizationVIEW
5Warehousing and Inventory ManagementVIEW
6Packing and UnitizationVIEW
7Control and CommunicationVIEW
 UNIT 3 Role of Information Technology in Logistics 
1Logistics Service forms and Third Party LogisticsVIEW
3Global Logistics Network ConfigurationVIEW
4Information Management for Global LogisticsVIEW
5Information Technology and SEMVIEW
6Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)VIEW
7Quick Response and Efficient Customer Response (QR/ECR)VIEW
9Characteristics of Logistics Information and Telecommunications SystemsVIEW
 UNIT 4 Global Supply Chain Management 
1Status of GSCMVIEW
2Decision Tools of GSCMVIEW
3Global Supply chain StrategyVIEW
4Performance management and Evaluation in Global LogisticsVIEW
5Key Activities in GSCMVIEW
6Organizational Structure for Global Logistics ExcellenceVIEW
7The Evolving role of ASIAN Countries in GSCMVIEW

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