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UNIT 1 Supply Chain Management
1 Concepts, Issues in SCM VIEW
2 SCM for Strategic Advantage VIEW
3 Demand Volatility in SCM VIEW
4 Information Distortion in SCM, Bullwhip effect VIEW
5 Managing networks and relationship VIEW
6 Sourcing Internationally VIEW
International Distribution Management:
7 Types of Intermediaries VIEW
8 Channel objectives and Constraints VIEW
9 Channel Selection and Management VIEW
10 Global Retailing VIEW
UNIT 2 Logistic Framework
1 Concepts, Objective and Scope VIEW
2 Customer Service-Order Receiving, Order Processing VIEW
3 Use of IT in Customer Service and Customer Service Index VIEW
4 Transportation and Containerization VIEW
5 Warehousing and Inventory Management VIEW
6 Packing and Unitization VIEW
7 Control and Communication VIEW
UNIT 3 Role of Information Technology in Logistics
1 Logistics Service forms and Third Party Logistics VIEW
2 4PL, 7PL, 9PL VIEW
3 Global Logistics Network Configuration VIEW
4 Information Management for Global Logistics VIEW
5 Information Technology and SEM VIEW
6 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) VIEW
7 Quick Response and Efficient Customer Response (QR/ECR) VIEW
8 The Global LIS/LITS VIEW
9 Characteristics of Logistics Information and Telecommunications Systems VIEW
UNIT 4 Global Supply Chain Management
1 Status of GSCM VIEW
2 Decision Tools of GSCM VIEW
3 Global Supply chain Strategy VIEW
4 Performance management and Evaluation in Global Logistics VIEW
5 Key Activities in GSCM VIEW
6 Organizational Structure for Global Logistics Excellence VIEW
7 The Evolving role of ASIAN Countries in GSCM VIEW

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