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GGSIPU (MS238) Software Project Management


 UNIT 1 Software Product and Process [Book Link] 
1Software Characteristics and ApplicationsVIEW
2Software ProcessVIEW
 Software Process Models: 
3Linear Sequential Software Process ModelVIEW
4Prototyping Software Process ModelVIEW
5RAD Software Process ModelVIEW
6Evolutionary Software Process ModelsVIEW
7Software Development ProcessVIEW
 UNIT 2 Software Project Planning and Scheduling [Book Link] 
1Software Requirement and Specification, Requirements ValidationVIEW
2Software Design PrinciplesVIEW
 Software Project Estimation: 
3Size Oriented, Function OrientedVIEW
4Software MetricsVIEW
5Software Cost EstimationVIEW
7Project SchedulingVIEW
8Software Staff & Personnel PlanningVIEW
9Rayleigh CurveVIEW
10Software Team Organization & Control StructureVIEW
11Project Monitoring & Control TechniquesVIEW
 UNIT 3 Software Quality Assurance & Configuration and Management [Book Link] 
1Software Quality and Software Quality AssurancesVIEW
2Software Testing, Formal Technical Reviews-1VIEW
 Software Testing, Formal Technical Reviews-2VIEW
3ISO Software Quality StandardsVIEW
4Software Configuration Management, SCM Process, Configuration AuditVIEW
 UNIT 4 Risk Management [Book Link] 
1Software RisksVIEW
2Reactive and Pro-active Risk Strategies, Risk identificationVIEW
3Risk ProjectionVIEW
4Risk MitigationVIEW
5Risk Monitoring and ManagementVIEW

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