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GGSIPU (BBA112) Business Environment – 2nd Semester

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 UNIT 1 An Overview of Business Environment [Book] 
1Type of Environment- Internal, ExternalVIEW
2Micro EnvironmentVIEW
3Macro EnvironmentVIEW
4Socio-Cultural EnvironmentVIEW
5Competitive Structure of industriesVIEW
6Environmental Analysis, Strategic ManagementVIEW
7Managing DiversityVIEW
8Scope of BusinessVIEW
9Characteristic of BusinessVIEW
10Process and Limitations of Environmental AnalysisVIEW
11Concept of Economic Growth, Economic DevelopmentVIEW
12Basic Characteristics of Indian EconomyVIEW

Case Studies


 Unit 2 Planning and Economic Development and Problems in Indian Economy [Book 
1Industrial Policy 1991VIEW
2Disinvestment of Public EnterprisesVIEW
3Economic Problems- Poverty, Inequality, UnemploymentVIEW
4Concentration of Economic PowerVIEW
5Low Capital Formation and Industrial SicknessVIEW

Case Studies


 Unit 3 Concepts of Macro Economics and National Income Determination [Book 
1Definition, Importance, Limitations of Macro- EconomicsVIEW
2Macro-economic VariablesVIEW
3Circular flow in 2, 3, 4 sectorVIEW
4Multiplier in 2, 3, 4 SectorVIEW
5National Income- Concepts, DefinitionVIEW
6Methods of Measurement National IncomeVIEW
7National Income in IndiaVIEW
8Precautions in Estimation of National IncomeVIEW
9Theory of Full Employment and IncomeVIEW
10Modern (Keynesian) ApproachVIEW
11Consumption FunctionVIEW
12Relationship between Saving and Consumption Investment FunctionVIEW

Case Studies


 Unit 4 Economic Environment [Book Link 
1Nature of Economic EnvironmentVIEW
3Nature and Structure of the EconomyVIEW
4Monetary and Fiscal PoliciesVIEW


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