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UNIT 1 An Overview of Business Environment [Book Link]
1 Type of Environment- Internal, External VIEW
2 Micro Environment VIEW
3 Macro Environment VIEW
4 Socio-Cultural Environment VIEW
5 Competitive Structure of industries VIEW
6 Environmental Analysis, Strategic Management VIEW
7 Managing Diversity VIEW
8 Scope of Business VIEW
9 Characteristic of Business VIEW
10 Process and Limitations of Environmental Analysis VIEW
11 Concept of Economic Growth, Economic Development VIEW
12 Basic Characteristics of Indian Economy VIEW
UNIT 2 Planning and Economic Development and Problems in Indian Economy [Book Link
1 Industrial Policy 1991 VIEW
2 Disinvestment of Public Enterprises VIEW
3 Economic Problems- Poverty, Inequality, Unemployment VIEW
4 Concentration of Economic Power VIEW
5 Low Capital Formation and Industrial Sickness VIEW
UNIT 3 Concepts of Macro Economics and National Income Determination [Book Link
1 Definition, Importance, Limitations of Macro- Economics VIEW
2 Macro-economic Variables VIEW
3 Circular flow in 2, 3, 4 sector VIEW
4 Multiplier in 2, 3, 4 Sector VIEW
5 National Income- Concepts, Definition VIEW
6 Methods of Measurement National Income VIEW
7 National Income in India VIEW
8 Precautions in Estimation of National Income VIEW
9 Theory of Full Employment and Income VIEW
10 Modern (Keynesian) Approach VIEW
11 Consumption Function VIEW
12 Relationship between Saving and Consumption Investment Function VIEW
UNIT 4 Economic Environment [Book Link
1 Nature of Economic Environment VIEW
2 Economic VIEW
3 Nature and Structure of the Economy VIEW
4 Monetary and Fiscal Policies VIEW

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