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ggsipu BBA


UNIT 1 Introduction [Book Link]
1 Nature, Importance and Scope of Business Policy VIEW
2 Evolution of Business VIEW
3 Forecasting of Business VIEW
4 Long Range Planning of Business VIEW
5 Strategic Management VIEW
Strategic Management Process
6 Formulation Phase – Vision, Mission, Environmental Scanning, Objective and Strategy VIEW
7 Implementation Phase – Strategic Activities, Evaluation and Control VIEW
UNIT 2 Environmental Analysis [Book Link
1 Need, Characteristics, and Categorization of Environmental Factors VIEW
2 Approaches to the Environmental Scanning Process VIEW
3 Structural Analysis of Competitive Environment VIEW
4 ETOP a Diagnosis tool VIEW
Analysis of Internal Resource
5 Strengths and Weakness, Resource Audit VIEW
6 Strategic Advantage Analysis VIEW
7 Value-Chain Approach to Internal Analysis VIEW
8 Method of Analysis and Diagnosing Corporate Capabilities- Functional Area Profile and Resource Deployment Matrix, Strategic Advantage Profile VIEW
9 SWOT Analysis VIEW
10 Mckinsey’s  7s Framework VIEW
UNIT 3 Formulation of Corporate Strategies [Book Link
1 Approaches to Strategy formulation VIEW
2 Major Strategy Option: Stability, Growth VIEW
3 Expansion Strategy VIEW
4 Concentration Strategy VIEW
5 Integration Strategy VIEW
6 Diversification Strategy VIEW
7 Internationalization Strategy VIEW
8 Cooperation Strategy VIEW
9 Digitalization Strategy VIEW
10 Retrenchment Strategy VIEW
11 Combination Strategies VIEW
UNIT 4 Choice of Business Strategies [Book Link
1 BCG Model VIEW
2 Stop-Light Strategies Model VIEW
3 Directional Policy Matrix (DPM) Model VIEW
4 Product/Market Evolution – Matrix and Profit impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) Model VIEW
Major Issues involved in the Implementation of Strategy
5 Organizational Cultural and Behavior Factors VIEW
6 Organization Structure VIEW
7 Role of Leadership VIEW
8 Resource Allocation VIEW

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