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ggsipu BBA


UNIT 1 Introduction to Digital Marketing [Book Link]
1 Digital Marketing: Meaning , Scope and Importance VIEW
2 Internet Vs. Traditional Marketing Communications VIEW
3 Internet Microenvironment VIEW
4 Use of B2C and B2B internet Marketing VIEW
5 Internet Marketing Strategy VIEW
UNIT 2 Online Buyer Behavior and Models [Book Link]
1 The Marketing Mix. (7 P’s) in online context VIEW
2 Managing the online customer experience VIEW
3 Planning website design VIEW
4 Understanding site user Requirement VIEW
5 Site Design and Structure VIEW
6 Developing and Testing Content VIEW
7 Integrated Internet Marketing Communications (IIMC) VIEW
8 Objectives and Measurement of interactive marketing communication VIEW
UNIT 3 Digital Promotion Techniques I [Book Link]
1 Email Marketing VIEW
2 Opt-in-email Marketing VIEW
3 Online PR VIEW
4 Interactive Advertising VIEW
5 Online Partnerships VIEW
6 Viral Marketing VIEW
7 Blogs Promotion Tool VIEW
Search Engine
8 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) VIEW
9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) VIEW
10 Website Optimization VIEW
11 Content Marketing VIEW
UNIT 4 Digital Promotion Techniques II [Book Link]
1 Social Media Marketing VIEW
2 Designing Content for Social Media Marketing VIEW
3 Campaign Marketing VIEW
4 Tracking Social Media Marketing Performance VIEW
Mobile Marketing
5 Advertising on Mobile Devices, Mobile Apps VIEW
6 Tracking Mobile Marketing Performance VIEW
7 Web Analytics-Meaning, Key Metrics and Tools VIEW

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