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GGSIPU (BBA106) E-Commerce – 2nd Semester

ggsipu BBA


  UNIT 1 Introduction to E-Commerce [Book Link]  
1 E- Commerce- Meaning, Nature and Concept VIEW
2 Advantages and Disadvantages of E- Commerce VIEW
3 Reasons for Transacting Online VIEW
4 Electronic Commerce, Types of E-Commerce VIEW
5 Electronic Commerce Model, Challenge and Barriers in E-Commerce Environment VIEW
6 E-Commerce in India, Transaction to E-Commerce in India VIEW
7 India Readiness for E-Commerce VIEW
8 E-Transition Challenges for Indian Corporate VIEW

Case Studies


  UNIT 2 HTML [Book Link]  
1 HTML: Elements, Tags and Basic Structure VIEW
2 Basic and Advanced Text Formatting VIEW
3 Multimedia Components in HTML Documents VIEW
4 Designing of Web page; Document layout, List, Tables, Hyperlink, Working with Frames, Forms and Control VIEW

Case Studies


  UNIT 3 Electronic Payment System [Book Link]  
1 Digital Payment Requirements VIEW
2 Electronic Payment System, Types of Electronic Payment System VIEW
3 Concept of e-Money VIEW
4 Infrastructure Issues and Risks in EPS VIEW
5 Electronic Fund Transfer VIEW
6 Security Issues in E-Commerce- Need and Concept VIEW
7 Electronic Commerce Security Environment VIEW
8 Security threats in E-Commerce Environment VIEW
9 Basics of Encryption and Decryption VIEW

Case Studies


  UNIT 4 E-Commerce Applications [Book Link]  
1 E-Commerce application in various industries VIEW
2 Emerging Trends in E-Commerce VIEW
3 Mobile Commerce- Economic, Technological and Social Consideration VIEW
4 Regulatory and Ethical Considerations in E Commerce VIEW


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