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GGSIPU (BBA204) Financial Management – 4th Semester

ggsipu BBA


 Unit 1 Financial Management [Book] 
1Financial Management- Nature, Scope and ObjectivesVIEW
2Time Value of MoneyVIEW
3Concept of Risk and Return (Including Capital Asset Pricing Model)VIEW

Valuation of Securities- Debentures, Preference Shares, and Equity Shares

 Sources of Financing 
5Sources of Finance: Classification of Source of FinanceVIEW
6Security FinancingVIEW
7Loan Financing, Project FinancingVIEW
8Loan Syndication: Book BuildingVIEW
9New Financial Institutions and InstrumentsVIEW
10Depositories, FactoringVIEW
11Venture CapitalVIEW
12Credit RatingVIEW
13Commercial Paper, Certificate Of DepositVIEW
14Stock Invest, Global Depository ReceiptsVIEW

Case Studies


 Unit 2 Capital Budgeting [Book] 
1Capital budgeting- Concept and ImportanceVIEW
2Appraisal Method- Payback period, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value (NPV), Profitability Index (PI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR)VIEW
3Capital Budgeting under Risk- Certainty Equivalent Approach and Risk Adjusted Discount RateVIEW

Case Studies


 Unit 3 Cost of Capital [Book] 
1Cost of Capital: Meaning and ClassificationVIEW
2Methods of Calculating Cost of Equity CapitalVIEW
3Cost of Retained EarningsVIEW
4Cost of Debt CapitalVIEW
5Cost of Preference CapitalVIEW
6Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)VIEW
7Capital StructureVIEW
8Net Income ApproachVIEW
9Net Operating Income ApproachVIEW
10Modigliani and Miller (MM) ApproachVIEW
11Traditional ApproachVIEW
12Determination of Capital StructureVIEW
13Leverage: Concept and SignificanceVIEW
14Leverage Types: Operating, Financial, Capital and Working Capital LeverageVIEW

Case Studies


 Unit 4 Dividend Decision [Book] 
1Dividend Decision Retained Earnings vs. Dividend DecisionVIEW
2Gordon ModelVIEW
3Walter ModelVIEW
4Modigliani and Miller ApproachVIEW
5Determinants of DividendVIEW
6Working Capital Management (WCM) and Nature of Working CapitalVIEW
7Working Capital EstimationVIEW
8Inventory and Payable ManagementVIEW

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