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ggsipu BBA


UNIT 1 Human Resource Management
1 Nature and Scope of HRM VIEW
2 Importance of HRM VIEW
3 Evolution of HRM VIEW
4 Emerging Challenges of HRM VIEW
5 Personnel Management vs. HRM VIEW
6 Empowerment, Human Capital VIEW
7 Flexi-time, Mentoring VIEW
8 Strategic HRM, Steps of Strategic HRM VIEW
9 Traditional HRM VS Strategic HRM VIEW
UNIT 2 Human Resource Planning
1 Human Resource Planning – Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions VIEW
2 Job analysis- Job description and Job Specification VIEW
3 Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment VIEW
4 Recruitment- Concept, Sources, Process VIEW
5 Methods and Techniques of E-recruitment VIEW
6 Selection- Concept and Process VIEW
7 Test and Interview VIEW
8 Placement Induction VIEW
9 Internal Mobility and Job Changes- Promotions, Demotion VIEW
10 Transfers and Separation VIEW
UNIT 3 Training and Development
1 Training and Development- Concept and Importance VIEW
2 Identifying Training and Development Need, Designing Training Programs VIEW
3 Role Specific and Competency Based Training VIEW
4 Evaluating Training Effectiveness VIEW
5 Management Development- Meaning, Process and Techniques VIEW
6 Career Planning VIEW
7 Succession Planning VIEW
8 Career Development VIEW
9 Compensation- Concept and Components of Employees Compensation VIEW
10 Job Evaluation- Concept, Process and Significance VIEW
UNIT 4 Performance Appraisal
1 Performance Appraisal- Nature and Objectives VIEW
2 Techniques of Performance Appraisal VIEW
3 Limitations of Performance Appraisal, Potential Appraisal VIEW
4 Maintenance- Employee Health and Safety, Employee Welfare, Social Security VIEW
5 Industrial Relations- an overview VIEW
6 Employee Grievance- Concept and Cause VIEW
7 Grievance- Handling, and Redressal Settlement Machinery VIEW

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