GGSIPU (BBA210) Information Systems Management – 4th Semester

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  UNIT 1 Introduction to MIS [Book Link]  
1 Definition, Purpose, Objectives VIEW
2 Role of MIS in Business Organization VIEW
3 Pre-requisites for effective MIS VIEW
4 Components of MIS VIEW
5 MIS Applications in Business VIEW
  Information in Decision Making  
6 Meaning and Importance VIEW
7 Sources and Types of Information VIEW
8 Information requirement in management VIEW
9 Relevance of Information in Decision Making VIEW
  UNIT 2 Introduction to Database Systems [Book Link]  
1 File System Vs. DBMS VIEW
2 Structure of a DBMS VIEW
3 People who deal with Database VIEW
4 Introduction to Data Models, Introduction to Entry Relationship Model, Introduction to Relational Model VIEW
5 Concept of Normalization VIEW
6 Overview of Database Design, Entities, Attributes and Relationships VIEW
7 Integrity Constraints VIEW
8 Querying Relational Data using SQL VIEW
9 DDL and DML commands, Aggregate functions VIEW
  UNIT 3 Cost Benefit Analysis [Book Link]  
1 Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects VIEW
2 Assessing Information needs of the Organization VIEW
  System Development  
3 Concept, Types of System VIEW
4 System Approaches – System Development Life Cycle VIEW
5 Prototyping, End User Development VIEW
6 Waterfall Method VIEW
7 Spiral Method VIEW
8 System Analysis VIEW
9 Design and Implementation VIEW
  UNIT 4 Types of Information Systems [Book Link]  
1 Transaction Processing System VIEW
2 Expert System VIEW
3 Decision Support System VIEW
4 Executive Information System VIEW
5 Knowledge Management System VIEW
  Information Technology  
6 Recent Development in the Field Of IT VIEW
7 Impact of IT on Organization VIEW
8 Multimedia Approach to Information Processing VIEW
9 Centralized and Distributed Processing VIEW

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