GGSIPU (BBA302) Project Manaement – 6th Semester

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  UNIT 1 Introduction [Book Link]  
1 Project Management, Objectives and Importance VIEW
2 Tools and Techniques of Project Management VIEW
3 Project Team, Role and Responsibilities of Project Manager VIEW
4 Determinants of Project Success VIEW
  Project Life Cycle  
5 Phases of Product Life Cycle VIEW
6 Classifications of Projects VIEW
  Generation and Screening of Project Ideas  
7 Generation of Ideas, Monitoring the Ideas VIEW
8 Monitoring the Environment VIEW
9 Preliminary Screening VIEW
  UNIT 2 Technical Analysis [Book Link]  
1 Factors considered in Technical Analysis, Factors Affecting Selections of Locations VIEW
2 Need for Considering Alternatives VIEW
3 Technology Selection, Sources of Technology, Appropriate Technology VIEW
  Market Analysis  
4 Conduct of Market Survey, Characterization of Market VIEW
5 Market Planning VIEW
  Network Technique  
6 Network Analysis VIEW
7 Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), Critical Path Method, Identifying Critical Path VIEW
8 Probability of Completing the Project within Given Time VIEW
  UNIT 3 Financing of Projects [Book Link]  
1 Capital Structure VIEW
2 Sources of Long Term Finance VIEW
3 Debt Financing, Characteristics of Debt, Types of Debts VIEW
4 Equity Financing, Preferential Shares, Equity Shares VIEW
5 Retained Earnings, Short-Term Sources for Working Capital VIEW
6 Newer Sources of Finance, Venture Capital VIEW
  UNIT 4 Project Evaluation and Control [Book Link]  
1 Project Monitoring and Control VIEW
2 Project Evaluation VIEW
3 Post Project Evaluation (Post Audit) VIEW
4 Abandonment Analysis VIEW
  Social Cost Benefit Analysis  
5 Social Cost, Social Benefit VIEW
  Emerging Concept and issues in Project Management  
6 Role of IT in Project Management VIEW
7 Future of Project Management VIEW

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