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ggsipu BBA


UNIT 1 Introduction to Sales Management
1 Evolution of Sales Management, Scope and Importance VIEW
2 Skills of a Sales Personnel VIEW
3 Types of Sales Manager VIEW
4 Personal Selling VIEW
5 Psychology in Selling VIEW
6 Buying Situations VIEW
7 Sales Process VIEW
8 Sales Forecasting VIEW
9 Sales Territory Design VIEW
UNIT 2 Sales Force Management
1 Sales Organization Structure VIEW
2 Sales Force Size VIEW
3 Recruitment & Selection of Sales Force VIEW
4 Sales Force Training VIEW
5 Sales Force Motivation VIEW
6 Compensation of Sales Force VIEW
7 Sales Quotas and Contests VIEW
8 Evaluation of Sales Performance VIEW
UNIT 3 Distribution Channels and Institutions
1 Functions of Intermediaries VIEW
2 Types and Role of channel Intermediaries in India for consumer and Industrial Products VIEW
3 Retail–Structure, Types and Role VIEW
4 Strategies, Performance Measure, Franchising VIEW
5 Retail Scenario in India VIEW
6 Wholesaling-Features, Classification, Decisions, Trends and Future VIEW
UNIT 4 Distribution Channel – Design, Management And Logistics
1 Channel Strategy and Design VIEW
2 Selection, Motivation Evaluation of Intermediaries VIEW
3 Managing Channel Dynamics, Relationships and Channel Conflict VIEW
4 Physical Distribution Channel-Objectives and Decision Areas VIEW
5 Introduction to Logistics and Supply chain Management VIEW
6 Integration of Sales and Distribution Strategy VIEW
7 Ethical and Legal Issues in Sales and Distribution Management VIEW

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