Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (BBA) Notes

1st Semester

BBA101 Management Process & Organizational Behavior (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA103 Business Mathematics (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA105 Financial Accounting & Analysis (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA107 Business Economics (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA109 Computer Applications (UPDATED) VIEW

2nd Semester

1 Cost Accounting (UPDATED) VIEW
2 Quantitative Technique (UPDATED) VIEW
3 E-Commerce (UPDATED) VIEW
4 Business Communication (UPDATED) VIEW
5 Business Environment (UPDATED) VIEW

3rd Semester

BBA201 Business Laws (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA203 Marketing Management (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA205 Business Ethics and CSR (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA207 Management Accounting (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA209 Indian Economy (UPDATED) VIEW

4th Semester

1 Human Resource Management (UPDATED) VIEW
2 Financial Management (UPDATED) VIEW
3 Research Methodology (UPDATED) VIEW
4 Information Systems Management (UPDATED) VIEW

5th Semester

BBA301 Income Tax Laws And Practice (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA303 Productions And Operations Management (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA305 Services Marketing (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA307 Entrepreneurship Development (UPDATED) VIEW
BBA309 Goods & Services Tax Old+New Syllabus (UPDATED) VIEW

6th Semester

1 Project Management (UPDATED) VIEW
2 Digital Marketing (UPDATED) VIEW
3 International Business Management (UPDATED) VIEW
4 Business Policy & Strategy (UPDATED) VIEW
5 Sales & Distribution Management (UPDATED) VIEW

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  2. Hello Can you arrange the Syllabus for BBA having, English, Indian Constitution and Ethics, Managerial Economics, Introduction to Computer, Marketing Management and Finance, Principles of Management/ Finance Management in first Semester..Any one please help me..

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