GGSIPU (MS269) Project Management


UNIT 1 [Book Link]
1 Project Identification and Process VIEW
2 Project Selection VIEW
3 Project Initiation VIEW
4 Pre-Feasibility Study VIEW
5 Feasibility Study VIEW
6 Difference between Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility VIEW
7 Project Break-Even Point and its Managerial Implications VIEW
UNIT 2 [Book Link]
1 Project Planning, Need of Project Planning VIEW
2 Project Life Cycle VIEW
3 Roles, Responsibility and Teamwork VIEW
4 Project Planning Process VIEW
5 Resources Considerations in Projects VIEW
6 Cost Analysis of Resources Allocation VIEW
7 Scheduling, Project Cost Estimate and Budgets VIEW
8 Project Scheduling or Network Techniques in Project Management- CPM and PERT Analysis VIEW
9 Float Times VIEW
10 Crashing of Activities VIEW
11 Contraction of Network for Cost Optimization VIEW
UNIT 3 [Book Link]
1 Organizational Structure and Quality Issues- Introduction, Concept of Organizational Structure VIEW
2 Roles and Responsibilities of Project Leader VIEW
3 Relationship between Project Manager and Line Manager VIEW
4 Leadership Styles for Project Managers VIEW
5 Conflict Resolution VIEW
6 Team Management and Diversity Management VIEW
7 Change Management VIEW
8 Project Quality Management, Quality Concepts VIEW
9 Value Engineering Process VIEW
UNIT 4 [Book Link]
1 Project Risk Management- Introduction VIEW
2 Performance Management and Control- Introduction VIEW
3 Risk Management, Types of Risk VIEW
4 Role of Risk Management in Overall Project Management VIEW
5 Steps in Risk Management VIEW
6 Risk Identification VIEW
7 Risk Analysis VIEW
8 Reducing Risk VIEW
9 Project Performance Measurement VIEW
10 Performance Measurement Matrix VIEW
11 Productivity VIEW
12 Project Performance Evaluation VIEW
13 Benefits and Challenges of Performance Measurement and Evaluation VIEW
14 Controlling the Project Execution VIEW
15 Project Control Process VIEW

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