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UNIT 1 Concept of Marketing Mix
1 Concept of Marketing Mix- Introduction VIEW
2 Traditional Marketing Mix 4Ps, and 4 Cs VIEW
3 Service Marketing Mix VIEW
4 Developing of an Effective Marketing Mix VIEW
5 Managing and Designing Marketing Mix VIEW
UNIT 2 Product Management
1 Product Management- Introduction VIEW
2 Levels of Products VIEW
3 Classification of Product VIEW
4 Product Hierarchy VIEW
5 Product Mix Strategies VIEW
6 Product Line Strategies VIEW
7 Packaging and Labeling VIEW
8 New Product Development Process VIEW
9 Why New Products Fail VIEW
10 Adoption Process VIEW
11 Diffusion of Innovation VIEW
12 Product Life Cycle (PLC) VIEW
13 Brand Management- Meaning VIEW
14 Advantage and Disadvantage of Branding VIEW
15 Brand Equity VIEW
16 Brand Positioning VIEW
17 Brand Name Selection VIEW
18 Brand Sponsorship VIEW
19 Brand Portfolio VIEW
1 Pricing-Introduction, Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions VIEW
2 Pricing Process VIEW
3 Pricing Strategies VIEW
4 Initiating and Responding to Price Changes VIEW
5 Distribution Management– Introduction VIEW
6 Needs for Marketing Channels VIEW
7 Decisions Involved in Setting up the Channel VIEW
8 Channel Management Strategies VIEW
9 Introduction to Logistic Management VIEW
10 Retailing Meaning, Types VIEW
11 Wholesaling-Meaning, Types VIEW
12 Multi-channel Marketing VIEW
13 Vertical and Horizontal Marketing System VIEW
UNIT 4 Promotion Management
1 Promotion Management Introduction, Integrated Marketing Communications VIEW
2 Communication Development Process VIEW
3 Budget Allocation Decisions in Marketing Communications VIEW
4 Promotion Mix VIEW
5 Advertising – Meaning, Objectives VIEW
6 Advertising Budget VIEW
7 Fundamentals of Sales Promotion VIEW
8 Public Relations VIEW
9 Direct Marketing VIEW
1 Recent Trends in Marketing VIEW
2 Rural Marketing, Characteristics of Rural Marketing VIEW
3 Digital Marketing – Meaning and Types VIEW
4 Mobile Marketing – Meaning and Types VIEW
5 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)– Meaning VIEW
6 Relationship Marketing Vs Relationship Management VIEW
7 Types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) VIEW
8 Significance of Customer Relationship Management VIEW

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