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RMBMK04 Marketing of Services



  UNIT 1 Introduction To Services Marketing  
1 Definition, Characteristics and Classification of Services VIEW
2 Difference between Product and Services Marketing VIEW
3 Paradigms in Services Marketing VIEW
4 Present Marketing Environment VIEW
5 Services Marketing Mix– Understanding the 7P’s VIEW
6 Strategies for Services Marketing– Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning, Differentiation. VIEW
  UNIT 2 Understanding Consumer Behavior And Service Design  
1 Understanding Consumer Behavior VIEW
2 Services Vis-A -Vis goods VIEW
3 Consumer Behavior in Services VIEW
4 Customer Expectations and Perceptions of Services- Evaluation of services VIEW
  Service Development Design & Standards:  
5 New Service Development Process VIEW
6 Basic Service to Potential Service VIEW
7 Customer Defined Service Standards VIEW
8 Demand and Capacity Management VIEW
  UNIT 3 Delivering, Pricing And Managing Service Promise  
1 Delivering Services– Role of Employees and Customers in service delivery VIEW
2 Role of Intermediaries VIEW
3 Service Process VIEW
4 Service Blue Printing VIEW
5 Physical Evidence VIEW
6 Pricing of Services– Pricing Considerations and Strategies VIEW
7 Revenue Management VIEW
  Managing Service Promise  
8 Role of Advertising VIEW
9 Personal Selling VIEW
10 Sales Promotion VIEW
11 Publicity and Public Relations VIEW
  UNIT 4 Service Performance  
  Evaluating Success of Service Offering  
1 Service Quality and Measurement VIEW
2 Complaint Handling VIEW
3 Recovery Management VIEW
4 Service Guarantees VIEW
5 Role of CRM VIEW
6 The Gaps Model Of Service Quality VIEW
  UNIT 5 Overview Of Current Trends In Service Industries  
1 Understanding of Current Trends in Service Industries- Financial VIEW
2 Current Trends in Hospitality Services VIEW
3 Current Trends in Health Services VIEW
4 Current Trends in Telecom Services VIEW
5 Current Trends in Consultancy Services VIEW
6 Current Trends in Logistic Services VIEW
7 Current Trends in Education Service Industries VIEW
8 Current Trends of NGO in Service Industries VIEW
9 Current Trends in Public Utilities Service Industries VIEW
10 Current Trends in ITES (IT enabled Services) Service Industries VIEW
11 Current Trends in Travel & Tourism Service Industries VIEW
12 Current Trends in e-Services and Professional Service Industries VIEW

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