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RMBMK05 Integrated Marketing Communication



  UNIT 1  
1 Marketing Communication- Objectives of Marketing Communication VIEW
2 Functional Areas of Marketing Communication VIEW
3 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)- Concepts and Process VIEW
4 Factors Contributing to Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) VIEW
5 Role of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in Branding VIEW
6 IMC Partners VIEW
7 Promotion Mix VIEW
8 Integrating IMC in Marketing Mix VIEW
9 Challenges in IMC VIEW
  UNIT 2  
1 Advertising Management- Meaning, Nature and Scope of Advertising VIEW
2 Classification of Advertising VIEW
3 Process of Advertising VIEW
4 STP Strategies for Advertising VIEW
5 Communication Model with reference to Advertising VIEW
7 Advertising Campaigns, Fundamentals of Advertising Campaigns VIEW
8 The Creative Brief, Big Idea, Getting Creative to find the Big Idea VIEW
9 Advertising Appeal, Advertising Agencies- their role, Functions VIEW
10 Advertising Agencies- organization, Compensation, Client Agency Relationship VIEW
11 Management of Advertising Agencies VIEW
  UNIT 3  
1 Advertising Budget, Ad Appropriation VIEW
2 Methods of Budgeting VIEW
3 Measuring Effectiveness of Advertisement VIEW
4 Legal and Ethical concepts and issues in Advertising VIEW
5 Advertising Research VIEW
6 Message Design-The Creative Concept Development VIEW
7 The Creative Processes of the Different Forms of IMC VIEW
8 Source of the Message, Message Integration VIEW
  UNIT 4  
1 International Advertising and Promotion- Global vs Local Advertising VIEW
2 Decision Areas in International Advertising VIEW
3 Role of Promotional Mix Elements in International Marketing VIEW
4 Media Planning and Strategy – Media Types and their characteristics VIEW
5 Setting Media objectives VIEW
6 Steps involved in Media Planning VIEW
7 Media Strategy VIEW
8 Cross-Media Advertising Concept VIEW
9 Media Research VIEW


UNIT 5  
1 Emerging Concepts and Issues in Marketing Communications VIEW
2 Programmatic, Native Advertising – Video, Mobile, Digital, Sponsorship VIEW
3 Role of E-Commerce in Marketing Communication VIEW
4 Corporate Advertising VIEW
5 Advertorials and Infomercials VIEW
6 Public Relations- Types & Tools of PR VIEW
7 Sales Promotion- Different Types of Sales Promotion VIEW
8 Publicity- Types of Publicity VIEW
9 Personal Selling VIEW
10 Direct Marketing VIEW
11 Event Management VIEW
12 Unconventional Promotional Methods



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