BBAN206 Business Statistics

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  Unit 1 {Book}
1 Statistics: Meaning, Evolution, Scope, Limitations and Applications VIEW
2 Tabulation and Presentation: Meaning, objectives and types of classification VIEW
3 Formation of frequency distribution VIEW
4 Role of Tabulation VIEW
5 Parts, Types and Construction of Tables VIEW
6 Significance, Types and Construction of Diagrams and Graphs VIEW
  Unit 2 Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion {Book}
1 Meaning and Objectives of Measures of Central Tendency VIEW
  Different Measures Viz:  
2 Arithmetic Mean – Characteristics, Applications and Limitations VIEW
3 Median – Characteristics, Applications and Limitations VIEW
4 Mode – Characteristics, Applications and Limitations VIEW
5 Geometric Mean – Characteristics, Applications and Limitations VIEW
6 Harmonic Mean – Characteristics, Applications and Limitations VIEW
  Measure of Variation Viz:  
7 Range VIEW
8 Quartile Deviation VIEW
9 Mean Deviation and Standard Deviation VIEW
10 Co-efficient of Variation VIEW
11 Skewness VIEW
  Unit 3 Correlation and Regression {Book}
1 Meaning of Correlation VIEW
  Types of Correlation:  
2 Positive and Negative Correlation VIEW
3 Simple, Partial and Multiple Correlation VIEW
4 Methods of Studying Correlation VIEW
5 Scatter Diagram VIEW
6 Graphic and Direct Method VIEW
7 Properties of Correlation co-efficient VIEW
8 Rank correlation; coefficient of determination VIEW
9 Lines of Regression; co-efficient of regression VIEW
10 Standard error of estimate VIEW
  Unit 4 Index Numbers and Time Series {Book}
1 Index number and their uses in Business VIEW
2 Construction of Simple and weighed price VIEW
3 Quality and Value index numbers VIEW
4 Test for an ideal index number VIEW
5 Components of time series Viz. Secular trend, Cyclical, Seasonal and irregular variations VIEW
6 Method of estimating Secular trend VIEW
7 Method of estimating Seasonal indices VIEW
8 Use of Time Series in Business Forecasting and its Limitations VIEW
9 Calculating Growth Rate in Time Series VIEW

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