GGSIPU (BBA109) Computer Applications

ggsipu BBA

  UNIT 1 Basics of Computer BOOK LINK  
1 Characteristics  of computer VIEW
2 Input/output Devices(Hardware, Software, Human ware and Firmware VIEW
3 Functions of different units of Computer VIEW
4 Classification of computers VIEW
  Computer Memory:  
6 Primary Memory (RAM and ROM) VIEW
7 Secondary Memory (Hard Disk, Optical Disk) VIEW
  UNIT 2 Computer Software: BOOK LINK  
1 Types of software VIEW
2 Introduction to Operating System VIEW
3 Functions of Operating System VIEW
4 Types of Operating System VIEW
5 Booting Procedure, Start-up Sequence VIEW
6 Windows OS: Introduction to GUI VIEW
7 Important terms like: Dictionary, File, Volume, Label, Drive Name VIEW
8 Translators and Languages: Compiler, Interpreter and Assembler VIEW
9 Types of computer languages VIEW
  UNIT 3 Desktop Components: BOOK LINK  
1 Introduction to word Processor VIEW
2 Presentation Software VIEW
3 Advanced Excel: Introduction, Features VIEW
4 Applications and advanced features of excel VIEW
5 Creating Tables, Graphs and Charts, Table Formatting VIEW
6 Worksheets Management VIEW
7 Sort and Filters Tools VIEW
8 Subtotal, Mathematical functions, Statistical functions VIEW
9 Date and Time Functions, VIEW
10 Text Functions VIEW
11 Financial Functions VIEW
12 Analyze data with Pivot Tables VIEW
13 Create and Manage scenarios and summaries VIEW
  UNIT 4 Computer Networks and IT applications BOOK LINK  
1 Data Communication Concepts VIEW
2 Types of communication Media VIEW
3 Concept of Computer Networks VIEW
4 Internet, Intranet, Extranet VIEW
5 Network Topologies VIEW
6 Networking Devices VIEW
8 Information Technology and Society VIEW
9 Application of information technology in: VIEW
  Railways , Airlines, Banking, Online Banking System VIEW
  Insurance, Inventory Control VIEW
  Financial Systems, Hotel Management, Education VIEW
  Entertainment and Health, VIEW
10 Security issues in Information Technology VIEW

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