GGSIPU (BBA201) Business Laws

ggsipu BBA

UNIT 1 The Indian Contract Act 1872: General Principal of Law of Contract BOOK LINK
1 Contract: Meaning, Characteristics and kinds VIEW
Essentials of Valid Contract:
2 offer and Acceptance
3 Consideration VIEW
4 Contractual Capacity VIEW
5 Free consent VIEW
6 Legality of Objects VIEW
7 Contract of Indemnity VIEW
8 Contract of Guarantee VIEW
9 Contract of Bailment & Pledge VIEW
UNIT 2 The Sale of Goods Act. 1930 BOOK LINK 
1 Contract of Sale, Meaning and differences between sale and agreement to sell. VIEW
2 Conditions and Warranties VIEW
3 Transfer of ownership in goods including sale by non-owners VIEW
4 Performance of Contract of Sale VIEW
5 Unpaid Seller – Meaning and Rights of an unpaid Seller against the goods and the buyer VIEW
UNIT 3 The Companies Act. 2013 BOOK LINK 
1 Essentials characteristics of a Company VIEW
2 Types of Companies VIEW
3 Memorandum and Articles of Association, Prospectus VIEW
4 Shares – Kinds, VIEW
5 Allotment and Transfer of Share VIEW
6 Debentures VIEW
7 Essentials conditions for a valid meeting VIEW
8 Kinds of Meeting and Resolutions VIEW
9 Directors and Remuneration VIEW
10 Directors, Managing Directors – Their Appointment, Qualification, Powers and Limits on their Remuneration VIEW
11 Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement VIEW
12 Single Person Company VIEW
13 Important changes from the previous Companies Act 1956 VIEW
UNIT 4 The Negotiable instruments Act. 1881 BOOK LINK 
1 Meaning and Characteristics of Negotiable instruments: Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange, Cheque VIEW
2 Crossing of Cheque VIEW
3 Bouncing of Cheques VIEW
4 Holder and Holder in Due Course, Privileges of Holder in Due Course VIEW
5 Negotiations: Types of Endorsements VIEW

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