GGSIPU (BBA205) Business Ethics and CSR

ggsipu BBA

UNIT 1 Introduction BOOK LINK
1 Concept of Values, Types and Formation of Values VIEW
2 Values and Behavior VIEW
3 Values of Indian Managers VIEW
4 Ethical Decision Making VIEW
5 Management Process and Ethics VIEW
6 Ethical Issues VIEW
7 Ethos of Vadanta in Management VIEW
8 Relevance of Ethics and Values in Business VIEW
UNIT 2 Knowledge and Wisdom BOOK LINK
1 Meaning of Knowledge and Wisdom VIEW
2 Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom VIEW
3 Knowledge Worker and Wisdom Worker VIEW
4 Concept of Knowledge Management and Wisdom Management VIEW
Stress Management
5 Meaning, Sources and Consequences of Stress VIEW
6 Stress Management and Detached Involvement VIEW
Concept of Dharma & Karma Yoga
7 Concept of Karama and Kinds of Karam Yoga VIEW
8 Nishkam Karma and Sakam Karma VIEW
9 Total Quality Management VIEW
10 Quality of Life and Quality of Work Life VIEW
UNIT 3 Understanding Progress, and Success: Results and Managing Transformation BOOK LINK
1 Progress and Results Definition VIEW
2 Functions of Progress VIEW
3 Transformation, Need for Transformation VIEW
4 Process & Challenges of Transformation VIEW
Understanding Success:
5 Definition Success, Principles of Competitive Success VIEW
6 Prerequisites to create Blue Print for Success VIEW
7 Successful Stories of Business Gurus VIEW
UNIT 4 Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance BOOK LINK
1 Corporate Responsibility of Business: Employees, Consumers and Community VIEW
2 Corporate Governance VIEW
3 Code of Corporate Governance VIEW
4 Consumer Protection Act VIEW
5 Unethical issues in Business VIEW

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