GGSIPU (BBA209) Indian Economy

ggsipu BBA

UNIT 1 Nature of Indian Economy BOOK LINK
1 The Need for Economic Development VIEW
2 Causes of under Development VIEW
3 Determinants of Development VIEW
4 National Income of India-estimates VIEW
5 Interregional Variations of National Income VIEW
UNIT 2 Human Resources and Economic Development BOOK LINK
1 Demographic features of Economic Population VIEW
2 Size and Growth of Population and Economic Development VIEW
3 Problem of Economic Development VIEW
4 Human Development Index VIEW
5 New Economic Policy: Privatization, Liberalization, Globalization VIEW
6 Unemployment Problem in India VIEW
7 Problem of Poverty VIEW
UNIT 3 Industrialization BOOK LINK
1 Growth and Problems of Major Industries: Iron and Steel VIEW
2 Growth and Problems of Major Industries: Cotton Textiles VIEW
3 Growth and Problems of Major Industries: Cement VIEW
4 Growth and Problems of Major Industries: Sugar VIEW
5 Growth and Problems of Major Industries: Petroleum VIEW
6 Industrial Policy VIEW
7 Small Scale Industries- Problems and Policy VIEW
8 Regional imbalances VIEW
9 Parallel Economy VIEW
10 India’s foreign trade VIEW
11 Balance of Payment VIEW
UNIT 4 Indian Finance System BOOK LINK
1 Mobilization of Resources for Development VIEW
2 Economic Planning-Importance of Planning for Economic Development VIEW
3 Salient features of India’s five years plans priorities- Target Achievements, Failures VIEW
4 Factors affecting successful implementations of Plans VIEW
5 Working Knowledge of Inflation and its impact on economy with special reference to INDIA VIEW

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