GGSIPU (BBA301) Income Tax Laws And Practice

ggsipu BBA

UNIT 1 Introduction to Income Tax Act 1961 (BOOK LINK)
1 Salient features and Basic Concepts – Previous Year, Assessment Year VIEW
2 Person VIEW
3 Gross Total Income VIEW
4 Agricultural Income VIEW
5 Residential Status and Incidence of Tax VIEW
6 Fully Exempted Incomes VIEW
 UNIT 2 Heads of Income Salary BOOK LINK
1 Perquisites, Allowances VIEW
2 Retirement benefits VIEW
3 House Property VIEW
4 Business or Profession VIEW
5 Capital Gains VIEW
6 Other Sources VIEW
UNIT 3 Deductions u/s 80C to 80U BOOK LINK
1 Provisions of Clubbing Incomes VIEW
2 Meaning and Provisions of Set off and Carry forward of Losses VIEW
UNIT 4 Deduction of Tax at Sources BOOK LINK
1 Payment of Advance Tax VIEW
2 Assessment of individuals ( Computation of Total income and Tax Liability) VIEW
3 Procedure for fillings of returns (Online filling ITR) VIEW

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