GGSIPU (BBA305) Services Marketing

ggsipu BBA

  UNIT 1 Introduction to Services Marketing {BOOK LINK}  
1 Services, Unique Characteristics and VIEW
2 Marketing Challenges of Services VIEW
3 Growing importance of Services sector in India VIEW
4 Services Marketing Management Process-Overview VIEW
  UNIT 2 Consumer Behavior in Services & Measuring Service Quality {BOOK LINK}  
1 Consumer Behavior in Services VIEW
2 Measuring Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction VIEW
3 SERVQUAL scale and its usage VIEW
4 GAP’s Model VIEW
5 Modes of Service Recovery VIEW
  UNIT 3 Service Product, Pricing and People: {BOOK LINK}  
1 The 7p’s framework for Services Marketing VIEW
2 Service Product VIEW
3 Service Process VIEW
4 Service Blueprinting VIEW
5 Pricing of Services – Objectives, Challenges, Approaches VIEW
6 Managing Services Personnel VIEW
7 Customer role in Service Delivery VIEW
  UNIT 4 Service Distribution, Communication and Physical Evidence {BOOK LINK}  
1 Challenges of Service Distribution VIEW
2 Service Franchising-Benefits & Risks VIEW
3 Integrated Services Communication Mix. VIEW
4 Services Marketing Triangle VIEW
5 Managing Physical Evidence VIEW
6 Service Scape VIEW

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