GGSIPU (BBA307) Entrepreneurship Development

ggsipu BBA

  UNIT 1 Introduction {BOOK LINK}  
1 The Entrepreneur VIEW
2 Emergence of Entrepreneurial classes VIEW
3 Theories of Entrepreneurship VIEW
  UNIT 2 Promotion of a Venture {BOOK LINK}  
1 Opportunity Analysis VIEW
2 External Environment Analysis: Economic, Social and Technological VIEW
3 Competitive factors VIEW
4 Legal requirement of establishment of a new unit and Raising of funds VIEW
5 Venture capital Sources and Documentation required VIEW
6 Forms of ownership VIEW
  UNIT 3 Entrepreneurial Behavior {BOOK LINK}  
1 Innovation and Entrepreneur VIEW
2 Entrepreneurial Behavior and Psycho-Theories VIEW
3 Social Responsibilities VIEW
4 EDP their Role VIEW
5 Relevance and Achievements VIEW
6 Role of government in Organizing EDP’s Critical Evaluation VIEW
  UNIT 4 Role of Entrepreneur {BOOK LINK}  
1 Role of Entrepreneur in Economic Growth as an innovator VIEW
2 Generation of Employment opportunities VIEW
3 Complimenting and Supplementing Economic Growth VIEW
4 Bringing about stability and Balanced Regional Development of industries VIEW
5 Role of Export Promotion and Import Substitution VIEW
6 Forex Earnings VIEW

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