SDM/U3 Topic 5 Retail Scenario in India

“The retail companies are found to be rising in India at a remarkable speed with the years and this has brought a revolutionary change in the shopping attitude of the […]

BPS/U4 Topic 2 Stop-Light Strategies Model

Another popular “Corporate Portfolio Analysis” technique is the result of pioneering effort of General Electric Company along with McKinsey Consultants which is known as the GE NINE CELL MATRIX. GE […]

BPS/U3 Topic 11 Combination Strategies

The Combination Strategy means making the use of other grand strategies (stability, expansion or retrenchment) simultaneously. Simply, the combination of any grand strategy used by an organization in different businesses at the […]

BPS/U3 Topic 10 Retrenchment Strategy

The Retrenchment Strategy is adopted when an organization aims at reducing its one or more business operations with the view to cut expenses and reach to a more stable financial position. In […]

BPS/U3 Topic 8 Cooperation Strategy

The Expansion through Cooperation is a strategy followed when an organization enters into a mutual agreement with the competitor to carry out the business operations and compete with one another at the […]