GGSIPU (MS104) Financial Management

UNIT 1 Nature and Scope of Financial Management [Book Link] 1 Financial Objectives; Impact of Financial and Economical Environment on Financial Management VIEW 2 Time Value of Money including Pension […]

GGSIPU (MS108) Business Research Methods

  UNIT 1 Introduction [Book Link]   1 Business Research, Types Of Research and Process of Research VIEW 2 Formulation of the Research problem VIEW 3 Development of the Research […]

GGSIPU (MS114) E-Business

  UNIT 1 Introduction to e-Business [Book Link]   1 Electronic Business, E-Commerce And Types VIEW 2 Benefits, Limitations And Barriers Of E-Commerce VIEW 3 Value Chain In E-Commerce, E-Commerce […]

GGSIPU (MS110) Operations Management

  UNIT 1 Introduction to Operations Management [Book Link]   1 Nature And Scope of Production And Operation Management VIEW 2 Historical Evolution Of  Operations Management VIEW 3 Systems Perspectives […]

GGSIPU (MS106) Marketing Management

UNIT 1 Introduction to Marketing [Book Link] 1 Meaning and Scope of Marketing VIEW 2 Marketing Philosophies VIEW 3 Concept of Customer Value VIEW 4 Marketing management process – An […]