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CB/U5 Topic 6 Organizational Buying Roles

A buying center is comprised of all those individuals and groups who participate in the buying decision-making process, who share some common goals and the risks arising from these decisions. […]

CB/U5 Topic 5 Organizational Consumer Behavior

The buying is done by an individual consumer or his family as well as by various types of formal organisations. In Indian context such organisations are government, semi-government institutions, various […]

CB/U5 Topic 1 Post Purchase Behavior

All the activities and experiences that follow purchase are included in the post purchase behavior. Usually, after making a purchase, consumers experience post-purchase dissonance. They sometimes regret their decisions made. […]

DM/U5 Topic 2 Digital Transformation Framework

The world is undergoing a digital transformation. For example, there will soon be over a billion smartphones, impacting all aspects of organizations’ value chains, commerce, and customer and supplier engagement […]