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Negative Brain Storming

A method that use brainstorming to generate bad solutions to the problem, and then see how those could be transformed into good solutions. One way to generate ideas is to […]

Electronic Brain Storming

Although the brainstorming can take place online through commonly available technologies such as email or interactive web sites, there have also been many efforts to develop customized computer software that […]

Communicating in Teams

A team is formed when individuals with a common goal come together on a common platform. The team members must complement each other and avoid silly conflicts among themselves. Communication […]

Cross Cultural Team Building

We live in a world with a globalized workforce where many organizations have teams that span different offices, time zones and continents. Even for a company that operates in one country, the […]

Measuring Team Effectiveness

Measuring team effectiveness may make sense in quantitative means for some projects, whereas establishing a level of trust works better on other tasks. A project manager should know their team […]

Team Norms, Team Cohesiveness

Team Norms The members of every team and workgroup develop particular ways of interacting with each other over time. Effective interpersonal communication among members and successful communication with managers and […]

Team Diversity

Businesses both large and small are competing for new customers on a global scale, and, in doing so, they soon recognize the value of diversity in organizational groups and teams […]

Team Members Roles

Team members are selected because they have particular skills that are required to complete project tasks. Examples include specialists in business or technical disciplines, or an outside supplier. The Team […]

Team Size

Why Team Size Matters Teams of different sizes behave in vastly different ways. If you don’t manage to strike the balance properly with regards to the size of your team […]

Measuring Interpersonal Competence and FIRO-B

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™, or FIRO-B® Test for short, Instrument originated from the need to understand and predict how high-performance military teams would work together during World War II. The first public […]

Team Effectiveness, How to Motivate Team Members?

High‐performance teams don’t just appear; they are developed and nurtured. By themselves, leaders with vision cannot guarantee the development of such high‐performance teams, nor can members who desire to be […]

Interpersonal process and Conflict Resolution

Organizations are increasingly utilizing team-based structures for coordinating work and completing projects. Thus it is imperative for those creating, and performing in, teams to understand and utilize effective processes which […]

Goal Setting and Problem Setting

Specific There’s no point setting vague goals that don’t achieve anything specific. Research by the creators of goal setting theory, Locke & Latham, found that in 90% of studies conducted, […]

Team Role

A major characteristic of effective teams is clear expectations about the roles played by each team member. In such a team, action is taken and clear assignments are made. These […]

5P’s in Team

Teams are a useful business tool for process and quality improvement, which may lead to higher customer satisfaction or cost reduction. Many managers recognize the benefits teams may bring but […]